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My decision to not use a SL is a personal one and it is based on my own trading style. I prefer not to be around my charts all day so I allow my trades to move until they hit their profit target or I have to place a second trade at a later time.

If you choose to not use a SL then it's vital that you TRADE SMALL. I trade 30 cents per $10,000 in my account but you may find that is too much or too little for you. Test it before you decide to risk your own money!
Well, it's forex so any of us could lose our money because the markets control us, not the other way around.

Remember, the reason you use a SL is to manage your money and limit risk. You can do the same thing by trading small in relation to your account size. Either method will achieve the same purpose! I choose to trade small so I don't have to be around my charts. You may choose to use a SL and that is okay too!
For the past year I have averaged 78% winners. However, past performance is not indicative of future performance so trade at your own risk!
There are losers! Every posted trade result that has a percentage winner and not a PIP total contains one winning and one losing trade. The winning trade was bigger than the losing trade.
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