Forex Alerts: Are You Ready To Trade Forex For a Living?

Are You Ready To Trade Forex For a Living?

Most in my forex community are trying to trade forex full time for a living and transitioning gradually while working. Here are three tips to make that transition much easier.

Stick to a trading style or system that fits your work schedule.Trading Style : Trade Forex

Remember that you are in the stage of transitioning from a part timer to a full timer, and when we say transition, it means gradual change. You can’t be full-time in just a blink of an eye, so it is suggested that you stick to your style and change some things if needed.This means allowing you to trade forex for the hour or hours you have available and still make PIPS consistently




Trade Forex Right MindHave the right mindset.

Negative vibes don’t have space on your mind. This means you are committed to avoiding bad trade setups (and violating your rules) and patient on ONLY trading forex when your trading system tells you a great set up is there. It happens to any traders that they have been so impatient, and it happened to me that I have lost a lot of money by being so impatient.



Trade Forex : Maximize your Trading StyleMaximize your trading time. This means you need to have a plan so that you spend your 30 minutes or 60 minutes focusing on what you have to do. Let go of the distracting elements. Don’t divide your attention. Remember that you only have one heart, so you can’t love two girlfriends at a  time. I mean turn off the TV, don’t surf the internet and TRADE FOREX based on YOUR CHOSEN PLAN. Don’t spend time “learning a new plan” during your trading time!

If you are looking for a trading style, I have one that works for me, and I believe will work for you too. I want to teach you every part of my trading style, so you can learn to trade forex WITH CONFIDENCE and ADJUST IT to your trading schedule!

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