Forex Trading For beginners: Tips for To Becoming a Real Trader

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Trader Tips

Forex Trading for Beginners: “Just because you trade, does not mean you are already a trader.” It’s like I can sing, but I am not a good singer. In trading, it sounds so easy to trade, but to call yourself a real trader might be a little harder. Thus, I have these tips for you.

Forex Trading For Beginners

Trader Train

Have Yourself Trained

Forex trading for beginners can be compared to an athlete just starting to play in his rookie year. We know that for athletes, practice makes perfect, but for a real trader, training makes perfect traders. I remember when I was starting in Forex trading, I needed to have a training, and it was too difficult because I had to do it all alone. Now, to have yourself trained is so easy with the help of the internet, for you have many sources like youtube. Thus, have yourself trained now.






Trader Plan


Forex trading for beginners is a war. You can’t always win a battle with just a sword and an armor in your hands. Even Goliath lost to David despite the height advantage because the smaller one had a plan.The same thing goes with trading. Although trading instrument and strategies are always available, you still have to have a clear plan. A real trader does that.





Trader Bringout

Bring Out Your Guns

Forex trading for beginners is so demanding. It has a lot of “must haves”. Just like when you eat, you need a plate, when you study, you need a notebook and a pen, and when you make love with your partner, you need your crown. They are three different things, but what do they have in common? TOOLS! Just like in trading, we need tools. I have good news for you. We are in a world where technology seems to be even more advanced than the entire human race, and it is not bad for us to take advantage of it since we, humans, actually made it. A smartphone is the most common tool that we can use, but if you want a more convenient tool, go for a laptop or a computer. Remember that just like a soldier, a real trader always has his guns ready.
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Trader Mantra

Find Your Soulmate

Forex trading for beginners is finding the perfect partner. It is a fact that we always expect our loved ones to say “I love you more” when we say I love you to them. That is because we naturally expect better words from them, so we can tell ourselves ‘Yes! I win.”. Real traders live with that mantra, “Yes! I win.”. We don’t trade to just give money, we trade to gain more than what we give, and for you to be able to say “Yes! I win.” in trading, it is important that we find the perfect broker.






Trader StepsTake One Step At A Time

Forex trading for beginners is like a baby trying to learn its first few steps. You can’t ask your one year old son to run, for his bones and muscles aren’t strong yet. Cliche it may sound, but it is true that it is better to take things one step at a time. Definitely, real traders know that. In my case, I started out with 30 shares a trade, and I gradually sized up. Remember that you have a plan, and it might be good if you plan to take one step at a time.



Forex Trading for Beginners

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